Unranked +50k Blue Essence (NA)


Stokta yok



  • Level: 30+
  • League: Unranked
  • Server: North America (NA)
  • Email: Unverified (Just use your own email)
  • Blue Essence: 50.000+
  • Honor level: 2


Guaranteed for 30 days from the date of purchase against possible penalties due to botted. (Not valid for scripts, lol skins, insults etc. other ban reasons.)


To reduce the risk of ban:

Please do not change your username and password immediately. It is very strange for the system that both the new ip entry and all the changes are made at the same time. All accounts you have purchased from here are only delivered to the purchaser, namely you. The same account is not delivered to another user. For this reason, play for a while without changing the username and password.

When you log in to the account, set your email address (if possible, an email you don’t use). In the meantime, unlock your champions partially.

Do not use all the blue essence at once. If you open champions periodically, you will get healthier results.

Note: Returns are not possible as our products contain a personalized and non-changeable digital code.


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