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Our site serves on the basis of happy customer satisfaction for its establishment purpose.

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We know that our customers' time is precious. For this reason, you will not have to wait for delivery. Your orders are delivered to you both on our website and via your e-mail address after the payment process is completed.

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Our products are at a level that allows you to easily win in your games. We also guarantee the same day patch update. For this reason, you will not have to wait for days for the program to be updated in the patches.


Our team has been providing support to you, our valued customers, through both our website and our discord address for all your questions and problems, starting from the purchasing process.


ToirScript 11.23.4a için Günceldir
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ToirScript 11.23.4a için güncellenmiştir. Download Current Version / FAQ bölümü üzerinden indirmeyi unutmayınız. 

- ez.Katarina Güncellendi

ToirScript 11.23.4a has been updated for League of Legends. Don't forget to download from  Download Current Version / FAQ

- ez.Katarina Updated

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