Since many users do not get bans, and some users state that there are problems with each account they log in, those who have problems should apply the appropriate method from these methods. 

Just follow all the steps below in order. 

  1. Delete the file machine.cfg located in C: \ ProgramData \ Riot Games. If you cannot see the programdata section, make sure you allow hidden items and repeat the process. This is the most important step!
  2. Completely delete files in C: \ Riot Games \ League of Legends \ Logs.
  3. Delete C: \ Users \ (username) \ AppData \ Local \ Riot Games folder completely!
  4. Clean up any lol related residues with programs like CCleaner. Also, edit the registry and fix the errors.
  5. Download this file, put it in the C partition and run it as an administrator, then change some of the numbers or letters written there. (This process is not very necessary, but it is useful to do it.) After this process, be sure to restart your computer.
  6. Change the mac addresses of the networks you use. Don't forget to change both ethernet and wifi. You can use the given link for free. (
  7. Change your ip by resetting your modem and restart your computer.
  8. Siteden güncel sürümü indir  You can log in to the game by making sure that you have downloaded the most recent version from the section.

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